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Veracity Consulting and BIME Analytics Partner to Deliver Intelligence in the Cloud

OVERLAND PARK, June 18, 2014 — Veracity Consulting, Inc. and BIME Analytics today announced they have reached a non-exclusive reseller agreement for North America. This partnership allows Veracity Consulting to sell and distribute BIME Analytics true cloud-based business intelligence service to its customers and prospects effective immediately.

Veracity Consulting is provider of information technology consulting services that helps companies discover the best tools to suit each individual goal and strive to develop comprehensive solutions that create greater levels of efficiency within an organization.bime_bigquery

 BIME is a powerful modern BI platform capable of turning data from any on-premise or online source into valuable insights and actionable information thus allowing businesses of any size to leave old and expensive infrastructures behind.

 “This partnership proves that our new US headquarters in Kansas City is successfully bringing BIME’s powerful, easy to use yet affordable cloud BI to business users in North America,” said Rachel Delacour, co-founder and CEO of BIME Analytics. “We are looking forward to working with Veracity to make every business understand the decisive value and the competitive edge a company could discover by becoming data-driven organizations.”

About Veracity Consulting

Veracity Consulting has a long history of implementing and managing solutions in the Cloud in places such as Austin, Houston, Hawaii, Overland Park, and the Kansas City Area. Their expertise has helped numerous clients navigate into the cloud-computing world and build sound business processes around the move to a cloud-based infrastructure for their business. Additionally, Veracity Consulting is home to several Business Intelligence Engineers. Veracity Consulting’s commitment to BIME will be in delivering both new BI business opportunities and implementing the solution to clients.

Veracity Consulting offers a comprehensive range of consulting services, including strategic planning, BI strategy, modeling, and analysis. Their cloud infrastructure Managed Services offers Service Desk management, infrastructure capacity management, and systems administration. Veracity Consulting is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative BI and cloud technologies. You can learn more by visiting Veracity Consulting on the web at ,, and @engageveracity

logo_bimeAbout BIME Analytics

Founded in 2009, BIME powers the first pure cloud BI service for the age of Big Data. With dual headquarters in Montpellier, a hotbed of academic R&D in the South of France, and Kansas City, MO, a fast growing high-tech community in the Midwest, BIME delivers simple-to-use yet powerful data analysis, visualization and dashboarding as a fast, easy to set up and low-cost service that lets companies and teams of any size mine their business. BIME is available in four languages, including Chinese, and has customers across the globe. It was the first vendor to offer front-end BI capabilities for Google BigQuery and has received numerous cloud innovation awards. For more information, and follow us on Twitter @bimeanalytics.


Photo credit: BIME Analytices

Lunch and Learn Webinar from our BI Partner, BIME

Shawn McCarrick joins Veracity Consulting as Chief Operations Officer

Veracity Consulting, a leading global consulting company, today announced that Shawn McCarrick has been appointed the company’s chief operations officer.

“Shawn is a vital part of our leadership team and we’re so excited to welcome him.” said Angela Hurt, CEO and president at Veracity Consulting. “Shawn’s focus willShawn_McCarrick_COO be growing our operations and initiatives in our core technology practice. His leadership will help build Veracity Consulting’s technology and innovation delivery capabilities globally.”

McCarrick will focus on expanding the company’s operations and scaling the overall business by focusing on deepening the Veracity’s technology practices.   McCarrick will also continue to build partnerships with many of the leading technology companies and will play a key role in the blending of strategy, delivery, and technology across Veracity Consulting’s rapidly expanding network.

Other executive moves include, Veracity’s, Linda Marshall who has been leading Veracity Consulting’s operations and financial departments along with CEO Hurt since late 2013, will solidify her focus solely in the financial areas of the company. Marshall will move solely into the CFO position, with CEO, Hurt resuming focus on the overall leadership of the company, and continue to drive sales and marketing efforts.

McCarrick attended University of Central Missouri (UCM) and began his career in 1988 as an Analyst at the USDA in the technology department. He has worked at companies such as, Sprint, TXU, H&R Block, and Freightquote. McCarrick will report to Veracity Consulting Founder and CEO, Angela Hurt. He officially joined Veracity Consulting on May 7, 2014.

About Veracity Consulting

Veracity Consulting has a long history of implementing and managing solutions and business strategies, particularly in the Cloud. They have offices in places such as Austin, Dallas, Houston, Hawaii, Overland Park, and the Kansas City Area. Their expertise has helped numerous clients navigate into the cloud-computing world and build sound business processes around the move to a cloud-based infrastructure for their business.

Veracity Consulting offers a comprehensive range of consulting services, including strategic planning, BI strategy, modeling, and business analysis.  Their cloud infrastructure Managed Services offers Service Desk management, infrastructure capacity management,  and systems administration.  Veracity Consulting is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative solutions that include Enterprise Data and Cloud technologies.

Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, Veracity Consulting has principal offices in several locations across the United States. Learn more at,, and

Veracity Consulting, Inc. Launches New Website

Veracity Consulting, Inc. is inviting visitors to explore its new website. The new website has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout, allowing customers to access detailed product information and videos with the option to share information across all major social networking sites.

Veracity Consulting, Inc. released a new website on June 11, 2014. The site includes extensive information about Veracity’s many and to help customers understand Veracity Consulting, Inc.’s complete range of solutions. Created with the user experience firmly in mind, the website has been designed using the latest technology so the site is compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices – without the need for Adobe® Flash to view it.

In addition, helping to make Veracity Consulting, Inc.’s vast portfolio of practices easy to browse, the new Veracity Consulting, Inc. website enables real-time news, events and updates on the company. A part of the site profiles the company’s leadership and strategic partnerships.The new website means that customers can now benefit from richer online content that is easier to navigate and share with others, assisting the specification process. Veracity also plans to offer many engaging case studies and white papers to assist their clients.

Visitors to the website can also stay informed with the Latest News the company. The section features the latest announcements, product initiatives, and opinion pieces from their experts. Furthermore, the new website allows users to share products and pages that interest them with others across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites.

Visit the new Veracity Consulting, Inc. website and give us your feedback on the new website by posting a comment on our Facebook page.

About Veracity Consulting, Inc.
Veracity Consulting offers a comprehensive range of consulting services, including Consulting Services, Cloud Solutions, and Data Management. Veracity Consulting is recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies. You can learn more by visiting Veracity Consulting on the web at,,, and Twitter

Source Veracity Consulting, Inc.

Let’s Do the IT Time Warp… Again!

There is a paradigm shift happening in IT.  Today we are in the midst of the largest changes to how we work in infrastructure in 15 years. Welcome to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) ! Veracity Consulting is right there in the middle of it all, advising our customers on how to jump to virtualization and/or Cloud services.  We answer questions like:

  • When is the best time to make the jump and which solution do we choose (cloud or virtualization or both)?
  • The best (cost-effective) path to make the shift/change to the cloud and/or virtualize.
  • How do we make this happen?

Let me to tell you how Veracity Consulting can help you today, be prepared for tomorrow…

You Need to Know the Difference

What exactly is the difference between the “Cloud” and “Virtualization”?  They seem to go hand and hand, right?  Both were developed to streamline the use of technology resources. Both simplify processes. Both increase efficiencies. Both have the same goal – to reduce the costs associated. Our clients need to understand these differences and how it relates to their situation. Our Veracity Consultants will help you with the differences and allow you to make the right choices.

The Cloud

The Cloud is emerging as an extension and in some cases an alternative to the owned data center concept.  We know it and our customers know it.  It’s another way of deploying and using technology to improve efficiency, new product time-to-market, and of course—to save money.

No one questions that the cloud is now a practical option for data management, new development or production support options.  But company leaders are now looking at infrastructure assets from a resource management view. Now we can “scale” according to workloads or projects and support according to need.  Scale up and down accordingly. This allows us to have the best resources available at all times and allowing IT teams to be very agile.  This ultimately translates into a cost savings for enterprise infrastructure and other IT teams.  Welcome to 2014 IT management!

Infrastructure Transformation

For the past 15 years or so, technology was about on-site solutions. As technology progressed, so did complexity—some of it needed and some of it not. The technology industry, determined to deliver improvements, began to give customer’s features they just didn’t want or use.  Technology started to get in its own way by driving up enormous costs and being too complex. Companies needed to squeeze every ounce of usage out of their existing technology before they bought again.  Enter the Cloud…there is a better way.  Lets simplify!

The cloud is as much about the changes in how technology will be consumed as it is about the technology itself.  You must have a reliable and trusted advisor with insight into the market, relevant business models, and an expert understanding of “infrastructure transformation”.

You need advisement and we want to give it to you. Your Veracity Infrastructure Consultant can give you the understanding you need to make the right decisions for today’s technology and help you with your future IT infrastructure model.

You — the customer — are now looking for answers on where the industry is going. You want to know “what are the emerging technologies that will enable you to move your product faster to market?” And lets not forget about SLAs and security. At Veracity Consulting, we not only can advise you on each of these, we will do the work of security assessment, migration planning, and support for you.

We understand that there is a cost factor too. We know you need to be conscious about that and we can identify the excess – the extra features you aren’t going to use.

Here at Veracity Consulting, our infrastructure architects work to understand the customer’s business on every level. It’s our job to identify opportunities that are going to help you transform the way you do business.  For us it’s about solving complex problems, and becoming a key, trusted member of your IT team.

Trustworthy = Veracity

Our consultants can offer insight to the industry, research the necessary alternatives, all while keeping an eye out for the pitfalls.  We want you to know who makes it easy to purchase from, what are the logistics involved, and who has the best support.  We tell you the truth!   Our consultants have delivered success, time after time, so they know!

At Veracity Consulting, we want our customers empowered to facilitate change.  We will help you determine which workloads are best served on-premises and which ones are best served by the cloud. This type of analysis of alternative workload models open up alternative business models to you.  It allows you to convert those types of capital expenses that used to be associated with acquiring hardware into an operational expense or service fees associated with the service provider. And that translates into – cost savings!

Your Veracity Consultants goal is to advise and help you learn to make the right decisions in this new consumption-based future.  We have the cloud and infrastructure experts ready to help.  Call, email, or tweet us today!

At Veracity Consulting, service and satisfaction of our clients is our top goal. If you have questions, please speak to a member of our team today!  We look forward to hearing from you.

Twitter @engageveracity 



Veracity Security Experts Help Protect Your Trade Secrets

On Monday, US Attorney General Eric Holder announced a 31-count indictment several members of the Chinese military. The charge disclosed that the Chinese Government was aggressively involved in the hacking of American businesses. The hackers stole trade secrets that would have been advantageous to Chinese companies.  We need to stop this.

The United States has long been considered a leader in innovation. Couple this with an unsurpassed work ethic and you have a dominating economic power.   Enter  other entities that want a piece of the economic pie!  If you have weak security policies, poor infrastructure management, or unenforced security policy with little or no recognized incident management, your trade secrets are about to be compromised. What’s protection worth to you and the future of your business or agency?

We are Veracity and We Can Help!

Veracity Consulting has Infrastructure, Security, and Incident Consultants ready to evaluate your current situation and provide you with real solutions for today.   Our experts provide companies and government agencies with security and infrastructure audit, the knowledge of how to fix detected breaches, and they can provide security plans for the future. Our Managed Services provide companies with real-time watchdog capabilities. Veracity’s proven methods will help protect your innovations and trade secrets for corporate pirates giving your business solid footing for the future.

What is a Security Audit?

An audit is the measurement of controls within a system that is used to keep confidentiality, availability, and integrity of an organization’s information. A computer security audit is a systematic, measurable technical assessment of how the organization’s security policy is employed.

What Veracity Security Consultants Can do for You Today?  We begin by asking the following questions.  What is the value of what we trying to protect? What are the all the possible threats? Next, we evaluate the probability of those threats actually happening.  And of course we think about the worse case scenario.

There are many question to be answered but these are a few of the key ones that we begin with. We provide our client with a complete and timely assessment of the problems. Next we provide you with the steps to remedy the problems –immediately including a plan with a time frame closure. Lastly, our experts provide you with a plan to keep your controls tightened so that you stay one step ahead of the threats that are our there.

Today’s business and government lives and breathes online. Internet systems are an evident part of the problem and really are beyond our control. It is the Wild West. We designed our methodology to ensure that our work is complete and consistent and to give our clients the best defense possible and to stay one step ahead of the game. Veracity Consultants work in the latest technologies, study and train in the latest security methods.   Veracity Consultants are White Hat technologist you can trust.   Don’t waste anymore time.  Lock down your trade secrets and protect your assets.  Let your Veracity Security Consultant help.  Contact us today!

CEO Angela Hurt to Speak at the Athena League, June 19th, 2014

Join Athena League for its June Vox as Veracity Consultin CEO, Angela Hurt, our founder, and Kate Nielsen, founder of On Tap  share their experiences, and challenges, in creating and growing successful technology firms today.  And how technology firms can grow the untapped resource of women engineers.  Both women have great insight into how they remain on the leading edge of technology and trends to continue to scale their businesses on today’s world   Register and learn more about the Athena League.