What a year it has been for Team Veracity!  In what can only be described as a “labor of love”,  Veracity Consulting Employees descended upon the Kansas City Union Mission, on November 20, 2014.  Veracity employees give their time throughout the year by volunteering, but this time of year, giving can only be described as “heart-light” warming!  Veracity Consulting employees cleaned, cooked and served for the Missions’ residents.  In the words of CEO, Angela Hurt, ” Not only do I believe we employ some of the most knowledgable engineers, analyst, and business consultants in the country, I personally feel that our employees are dedicated to building a better world.  It reflects in their volunteer efforts.” The employees of Veracity continue to contribute to the greater good and build a better world.

City Union Mission is the largest rescue mission in a 6-state area. Serving approximately 750 meals a day, and last year provided over 165,121 beds for the weary.  If you are interested in helping at the Kansas City Union Mission, visit www.cityunionmission.org  #WeAreVeracity