Employee Engagement Manager, Hillary Stamper

Let’s Bring Karma Back, in a Good Way!

What is #GivingTuesday?  We have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting great sales. Let’s talk about  #GivingTuesday, a day dedicated to giving back.  It happens today,  December 1, 2015.

While not all of us have money to give, we do have one thing that is just as valuable –– time.  Here are just a few ways you can give back on #GivingTuesday right here in Kansas City!

    1. Lead a Food DriveOrganizing a neighborhood initiative to gather and donate goods to the local food pantry or homeless shelter are both great ways help those in need this holiday season –– and to clean out your shelves and closets while you’re at it! You can donate food, warm clothing or blankets, hygiene supplies, and more. Simply choose a date and location where donations will be accepted and identify the community organizations that will benefit from the items you collect. Then, spread the word. Not only does this allow you to get to know your neighbors, but it also becomes a family event! Visit Kansas City’s Harvesters or Reconciliation Services to learn how to set one up!


    Team Veracity at Harvesters, 11/2015

  1. Volunteer your skills: Skills-based and pro bono service makes a deep and lasting contribution to the organizations you support. Some of the most valued skills are accounting, IT, graphic design or marketing skills. Veracity team members have donated their IT and creative skills to area nonprofits as a way to give back and build a better community.  As a company, we support their efforts by allowing them to choose where their employee volunteer time gets donated.
  2. Clean or Cook at a Food Kitchen: Volunteering with family and friends at a soup kitchen or food pantry is a great way to help your community, and is the perfect bonding activity! Children learn the importance of helping others and how to appreciate all that they have. Team Veracity loves this initiative so much we do it a few times a year. We make it a   family event.
  3. Volunteer to teach or advise using your business or life skills at a women’s shelter:  Local places like Hope House or Rosebrooks can always use skilled volunteers and advisors for their shelters.  You can help a woman and her children get out of a terrible situation by providing her with the tools to be free from her perpetrator. Consider this,  you not only are helping to save her life by giving her the skills to be independent, but you will be helping to ease a lifetime of suffering for her children as well.
  4. Send a care package: Care packages provide some much-needed relief for those in need. Practical items for soldiers deployed overseas or comfort items for cancer patients can brighten their day.

#GIVINGTUESDAYNo time, but got the funds? At Veracity, we’re striving to build a better community. Join us as we celebrate 2015 #GivingTuesday with volunteering and our Veracity #GiveBack program. Veracity champions several charitable causes throughout the year, including on our current 2016 initiative, #VeracityGoesRed for the American Heart Association – GoRed.  Your company can “GoRed” too!  To learn more about the causes championed by Veracity Consulting, check our website or contact me about how your company can start a Give Back 10% Program or GoRed for 2016!

In the spirit of giving,