Veracity Consulting Project ManagerIt’s amazing what you can accomplish with a the right attitude and a desire to help make someone’s life better. At Veracity, it’s really what we are all about. Our success is about helping our clients achieve their success.  Its about helping our clients move forward.   Our most important trait is our ability to listen.   Sometimes the solution is as simple as providing clarity to a situation.  It’s what we like to call, “helping our friends,” because at the end of the day, every client is our friend!  At Veracity, we are about relationships.  To us, relationships matter and that means – people matter.

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About Veracity Consulting

Veracity Consulting is a Kansas City-based technology firm with a reputation of implementing and managing IT solutions and business strategies. Our mission is to change the complex world of technology into a more efficient and profitable solution for businesses andvc communities. We use a collaborative approach with our clients to create and implement viable and relevant solutions.

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial and government solutions in the areas of Program Management, Data Services, Enterprise Architecture, Managed Infrastructure, Security, and Web Services.