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Hey HALO, We’ve got something for the Giving Jar! YOU!

If you want to succeed in business, there is an increasing need to consider what you have to give back to the world.  The world is tired of seeing businesses simply focus on making profits and want to spend their money with companies that make the world a better place.  That’s why Veracity  has an active “Give Back” program.

On December 12th, CEO and Founder Angela Hurt visited the Kansas City based HALO foundation. HALO provides housing, healing and education to youth in the greatest need.  As Angela hurt explains it, the “driving force in the company is compassion..”  and they have created a company culture that celebrates this.

“I’m excited to be involved in HALO. It’s my strong belief that business owners have enormous power to do good and change people’s lives for the better.”  explained Angela.  HALO’s mission of “empower youth to become contributing members of their communities.”  is the right course for our future.   

About The HALO Foundation and Veracity Consulting’s Give Back Program

HALO provides housing, healing and education to youth in the greatest need. Our goal is to empower youth to become contributing members of their communities. HALO is a volunteer-driven, grassroots non-profit based in Kansas City, Missouri. HALO serves more than 1,200 youth each year. HALO currently has 21 programs.

At Veracity Consulting, we believe our work touches more than just our clients. Giving is woven into our company culture, and philanthropy is a cornerstone of our business model. When Veracity was founded in October 2006, our CEO, Angela Hurt, pledged to giving back to communities by committing to a practice of investing more than 10% of Veracity profits every year to causes and programs our employees are passionate about. for more information on our [programs or how your company can build a 10% give back program, contact Employee Engagement Manager, Hillary Stamper .

Find out more at:

the HALO Foundation

Veracity Consulting’s community



Ready To Transform Your IT Like The Big Guys. Here’s How..

How to Transform Your IT Like the Big Shops

As a business leaders, we understand that it is everyday users who drive the business services. To be successful, products or services must create value in the world.  Veracity CEO Angela Hurt suggests that true service insights come from extreme users called mavens––those experts or connoisseurs of the service or product that you provide. These users typically make use of our services early and manipulate our products in ways that it was not intended to be used.

An example of this is outlier PC users, who gave birth to the rugged notebook market for the military and police. These users identified the need for portability and extreme durability.  These kinds of mavens are almost always the best models for unlocking new and exciting uses for services or products.

What can we learn from large tech shops with this experience? What practices can be applied to mid-sized and small businesses that have a little or no IT department? Here are three areas for decision makers to consider when deciding whether to transform any IT infrastructure:

  1. Protect your data. Safeguard key applications and remote offices across physical and virtual environments. This is critical as most businesses handle personal information about their customer.
  2. Accelerate your backups. Go for speed, efficiency, and flexibility. Don’t skip Business Continuity practices. Ensure the IT department can address any kind of recovery challenges and guarantee data protection for the business. Not sure? Get an audit!
  3. Centralize backup and recovery management. Replace your old legacy tape backup with an integrated solution. Look for Solutions Architects who are current on the latest trends in backup and recovery management. Doing this will ensure more accurate business performance and keep cost low.

Veracity Consulting’s Managed Services team can help any business, small or large, do more. In addition to everyday support, our Infrastructure professionals help to maximize the benefit of your IT by using the latest products to design infrastructure that is appropriate for the business demand, financially efficient, and performs well for the end user.

Infrastructure is always evolving and transforming to meet the needs of our customers.! It is important for business decisions makers to understand how to get the most out of their IT investments so that their companies are prepared for growth. Veracity Managed Infrastructure can get you there.

What Is Veracity’s IT Managed Service?

At Veracity, we partner with you to gain an understanding of the complex infrastructure, new applications, legacy applications, project support, maintenance, system availability, end-user experience, and other support challenges presented by your environment. This allows us to leverage your strengths to plan for your future and support today.

By helping to modernize your infrastructure, we help you to do more, faster, for less.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Architecture Assessments
  • Infrastructure Revitalization
  • Virtualization
  • Disaster Recovery, and
  • Network Security and Compliance

About Veracity Consulting

Veracity Consulting is a Kansas City-based technology firm with a reputation of implementing and managing IT solutions and business strategies. Our mission is to change the complex world of technology into a more efficient and profitable solution for businesses and communities. We use a collaborative approach with our clients to create and implement viable and relevant solutions.

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial and government solutions in the areas of Program Management, Data Management and Analytics, Strategy and Architecture, Managed Infrastructure, and Security.

About Amy Krohn

Amy Krohn has served as a leader in the technology industry for over 20 years.  Her areas of expertise include leading organizations and companies in executive leadership, strategic planning, enterprise architecture, as a mentor, leadership development, organizational change management, delivery management, vendor management, service management, and process improvements.  Amy currently serves as Veracity Consulting’s Vice President of Technology.