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The Zettabyte Era has Arrived!

zettabyte-infographReady for this?  The Zettabyte Era is upon us!

That forecast comes from networking equipment giant Cisco Systems, who recently released its latest Visual Networking Index that forecasts the bandwidth explosion happening.  CISCO predicts that global IP traffic will grow 300% ushering in the zettabyte era for IP traffic through put.  What the heck is a “ZETTABYTE”? Try this on for size: its equivalent to one and a half trillion gigabytes, ahem… PER YEAR.

Where is this coming from? High-definition streaming video, intelligent devices (i.e. the Internet of Things), virtual reality, and mobile device explosion in emerging countries like Africa.  What does this mean for business?   Large-scale and enterprise data centers, extreme networks of infrastructure, and lets not forget the enormous amount of data collateral this includes.  In addition to tripling cloud storage and services, we will see a push for new data and video compression techniques.  Somehow we need be able to push that projected IP traffic through existing and future broadband networks!

Emerging and Maturing Markets

Cisco predicts that “global network connections” will jump by 21 billion. These will be link devices, handhelds and IoT devices like smart cars.  As the “smart phone” conquers emerging markets, we will begin to see an on-slot of the need for greater bandwidth.  Business IP traffic in the Middle East and Africa will grow at a rate of 21 percent, a faster pace than the global average of 18 percent.

Is Your Technology Ready?

With this era of the Zettabyte approaching you must ask – how prepared is your business?  We know that we tend to let our technology practices become routine.  Don’t let your business vulnerable to a multitude of issues as we move into the “Zettabyte era.” Develop an understanding of the technology your company has and how it supports your business, sound technological decision making, and project successes. Veracity’s technology assessment will tell you if your business is prepared for the “Zettabyte Era.”

Veracity Logo 2About Veracity Consulting

Veracity Consulting is a Kansas City-based technology firm with a reputation of implementing and managing IT solutions and business strategies. Our mission is to change the complex world of technology into a more efficient and profitable solution for businesses and communities. We use a collaborative approach with our clients to create and implement viable and relevant solutions.  We offer a comprehensive range of commercial and government solutions in the areas of Program Management, Data Management and Analytics, Strategy and Architecture, Managed Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity

Eddie VanCompernolle Joins Veracity Consulting

Sprint Corporation’s Eddie VanCompernolle Joins Veracity Consulting as Vice President of Solutions Delivery

Eddie VanCompernolle Joins Veracity ConsultingVeracity Consulting welcomes Eddie VanCompernolle to the organization as its Vice President of Solutions Delivery. Eddie is an IT professional with an impressive chronicle of corporate experience, most recently as an 11-year Vice President of Information Technology at Sprint.  While at Sprint he led application development, lifecycle support, and technology program management for a variety of business areas including billing, network, middleware, logistics, and retail. After his 24-year career with Sprint, Eddie leaves a legacy of operational efficiency and transformation initiatives.

Eddie played an instrumental role in the origin of Veracity Consulting as he was one of the catalysts for Angela Hurt to start the company eight years ago. He was pivotal in connecting her with other senior IT executives who are now key leaders within the company. In his new role, he will support Veracity’s sales teams by ensuring that customer commitments are met across all of Veracity’s technology practices and disciplines. With his exposure to the competitive telecommunications industry and complementary skill sets, Eddie is the perfect fit to augment and support the Veracity sales force.

Born in the local metro area, Eddie is devoted to Kansas City. It’s not uncommon to see him touring the area on his Harley and he is supportive of causes that promote diversity and cancer research.

About Veracity Consulting

Veracity Consulting has a long history of implementing and managing IT solutions and business strategies. The firm has partnered with clients across the nation such as in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Hawaii, Atlanta, Washington D.C., and the Kansas City Metro Area.Veracity Consulting, 8(a) Certified

Veracity offers a comprehensive range of consulting services, including strategic planning, BI strategy, modeling, and business analysis. Its Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services offer service desk management, infrastructure capacity management, and systems administration. Veracity Consulting is widely recognized for developing, engineering, and deploying innovative solutions that include expertise in enterprise data and cloud technologies.

Headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, Veracity Consulting has principal offices in several locations across the United States. Learn more about Veracity and its team at