First, hurricane Harvey. Then Irma and Maria. Somewhere in there was hurricane Jose. We have floods, earthquakes and California is burning.  Seems like the world is falling apart and that can make everyone feel helpless. In one month, our continent was hammered by five natural disasters. Millions are without power and drinkable water.  There is so much need, sometimes it’s easier to say ” it’s all too much.” Afterall, how do you know that your donations are actually getting there? How can you decide on what and how much? Here are a few tips to help you decipher it all:

Donate with Your Values in Mind

When considering how to give, it’s helpful to start by asking what motivates you.  Animal lovers may want to give to a shelter. Others may want their money directed to certain groups of people, like children, or causes, like clean water.  Remember, it’s your money or time so think with your head while you give your heart.  There is no right or wrong here.

Selecting an Organization to Support

Groups like GuideStar and Charity Navigator can help you choose a legitimate organization.  Wise Giving Alliance and Charity Watch are also helpful.  But some of the best ways to get to know a charity is to ask questions, especially with how much experience it has in disaster relief.  You would be surprised how many organizations have too much overhead for the necessary funds to funnel to where they need to go during a disaster.

Give Cash

It seems impersonal, but money is often the most useful form of donation. Again, think about the time and effort it takes to transport hard goods.  Money is a fast and easy way to get what’s needed to those that need it the most.

Keep Giving if You Can

Large donations come in the right after disasters, but recovery takes a while.  Try doing an automatic monthly donation to the charity and follow up with how they are spending it with the disaster efforts.  A small donation like $10 dollars a month can add up for a charity.

Still confused? Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Resources for Aid to Puerto Rico

Resources for Aid to Houston

Resources for Aid to California 

Resources for Aid to Florida

Choose kindness and giving and great things will happen!

At Veracity, we’re striving to build a better community. Veracity champions several charitable causes throughout the year.  To learn more about the causes championed by Veracity Consulting, check our website or contact me about how your company can start a Give Back Program!

May Your Days Be Filled with Kindness,