Strategy and Architecture

Veracity uses an integrated approach that balances business and technology transformation through governance and communication. The intent is to evolve the business environment through both incremental and transformational events, moving the current “As Is” state to an ever evolving “To Be” through changes to the:

Veracity Enterprise Architecture Solutions

  • Business Architecture – A business-vision-driven process that decomposes the enterprise’s business strategies relates them to the assets and processes required to execute them, and identifies their impact on business functions.
  • Information Architecture – Describes the enterprise’s information strategies, the information supply chains, the key information artifacts of business events, models, and information flows, and provides logically consistent information management principles.
  • Solution Architecture – The collection of integrated application systems, required to satisfy business information needs, including the existing and planned inventory of applications and components, complete with relationships to supported information and business processes and engineered linkages to technical architecture.
  • Technology Architecture – A taxonomy that identifies the discrete technology components – computing platforms, networks, operating systems, data management systems, software development languages, platforms and modeling tools and middleware – the standards and guidelines of use and their aggregation, and composition into patterns and shared services.

Veracity’s  strategy and architecture service blends the business, information, solution, and technology architectures into an overall achievable framework to achieve both business and technology goals and objectives.