Infrastructure Managed Services

The reality of a virtual, dynamic world places great strain on technology organizations to keep up with the pace of change, increase in complexity, and loss of control over computing environment. We understand the complexity involved with IT Infrastructure. Veracity’s Infrastructure Managed Services allow you remain focused on your business while we help deliver secure, agile, and predictable infrastructure services.  Veracity’s Infrastructure Managed Services will oversee all or part of your IT infrastructure. Using proven controls, metrics and standards, our advisors allocate workloads to run efficiently and economically—regardless of location.

Today, it is critical that infrastructure and applications are:

  • flexible and agile to accommodate continual change
  • able to scale elastically and provide capacity in quick response to business conditions, and
  • continually optimized to provide cost efficiency, operational effectiveness, and change communication to minimize risk and maximize benefit.

We provide a high level technical overview of current state and end state architecture, which specifies the information needed in order to focus priorities toward infrastructure maturity. We focus on availability, stability, business continuity, proactive support, and the end-user experience.

At Veracity, we partner with you to gain an understanding of the complex infrastructure, new applications, legacy applications, project support, maintenance, system availability, end-user experience, and other support challenges presented by your environment. This allows us to leverage your strengths to plan for your future and support today.

By helping to modernize your infrastructure, we help you to do more, faster, for less.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Architecture Assessments
  • Infrastructure Revitalization
  • Virtualization
  • Disaster Recovery, and
  • Network Security and Compliance