Program Management

We understand that each project will have its own unique set of requirements, level of effort, and challenges; our program management discipline drives efficiency through proactive collaboration and standardization.

At the top of the list for establishing management processes are Project Planning, Deliverable Review and Acceptance, and Communications.

Project Planning: Key to the success of any engagement is a comprehensive, detailed project plan and clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all project participants.

Deliverable Review and Acceptance: In order to maintain the project schedule and the quality of the solution, it is important to establish a process by which to submit, review, and approve formal deliverables and documentation.

Communications: Veracity embraces several best practices in the area of team communications and leadership.

We also develop and use best practices that are grounded in team communication and leadership. To achieve project and program success, we implement governance boards, program and project status meetings, stakeholder interviews, senior management oversight, and quality reviews to ensure appropriate management techniques and tools are used effectively and that quality deliverables are produced.