Veracity Consulting’s Vice President of Technology, Amy Krohn delivers the following recap of the cybersecurity happenings for  end of April – early May 2017 time period.

A Dangerously Convincing Google Docs Phishing Scam Is Spreading Like Crazy! DON’T CLICK: The latest Phishing scam appears to be spreading on a massive scale through people’s contacts. If you’re concerned your account has been compromised, you can go to Google’s security page to adjust permissions. (Look for “manage apps,” and revoke access to untrusted apps.) . Read More

Intel Warns of Critical Vulnerability in Processor Firmware . A critical escalation of privilege vulnerability affecting Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) could allow an unprivileged network attacker to gain system privileges. To deflect: Get a good, complete hardware inventory together, and get a good software inventory.

Cloudflare Launches Service to Protect IoT Devices: Cloudflare has launched a new service that aims to address one of the most wide-spread issues in today’s connected world: the poor security of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

ATTENTION MAC USERS – New “Dok” Mac OSX Malware Steals Sensitive Data:  New malware able to spy on OSX users’ internet traffic, including https traffic, has been found targeting European users. The malware was previously not stopped by Apple’s Gatekeeper, and when discovered was not detected by anti-malware signature engines.

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