What is the IoT?

It is truly remarkable how many devices generate data today in our internet-connected world. As users, we now consume and generate less data than sensors and internet devices––the network known as the Internet of Things (IoT). That means our “things” know more than we do about us.

The IoT operates at machine-scale, by dealing with machine-to-machine generated data. This machine-generated data creates discrete observations at very high signal rates (1,000s of messages/sec). Add to this the complexity that the sensor data values rarely change (e.g., temperature operates within an acceptably small range). However, when the values do change, the ramifications––the changes––will likely be important.

To support real-time edge analytics, we need to provide detailed data that can flag observations of concern, but doesn’t overwhelm the ability to get meaningful data back to the data lake for more broad-based, strategic analysis.

IoT data is useful when it’s in a streaming pipeline, but it’s even more useful when you store it and enable historical data along with what is happening in the moment. Having a storage solution that enables a tiered, holistic approach allows data to have a “lifespan” for access and malleability. This kind of flexibility is needed because IoT data can be out of order or even delayed.

With multiple handoff points you’ll need to ensure that you secure and maintain consistency of that data for a clean chain-of-custody on the information. Finally, don’t just view IoT as the means to an end for near-term decision making. Keep in mind that the data being generated may need to live for long periods of time, and your corporate data handling and data retention policies may need to be aligned to the new reality of this type of data. It is a whole new world in IoT and the data old rules may not cleanly apply.

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